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Tilray-owned High Park unveils 3 new cannabis brands exclusive to Canadian market

TORONTO – High Park Holdings Ltd. (“High Park”), a subsidiary of Tilray, Inc.today unveiled a broad-based portfolio of cannabis brands including three new, original brands exclusive to the Canadian adult-use market: CanacaDubon and Yukon Rove. High Park’s comprehensive brand portfolio reflects the breadth of consumer preferences and includes a diverse range of quality and innovative products.

“The launch of the world’s largest federally legal cannabis market is only days away and High Park is ready to be a part of history,” said Adine Fabiani-Carter, Chief Marketing Officer at High Park. “We believe great brands are the engine of an enduring and vibrant cannabis industry and we’re excited for Canadians to finally have safe-access to unique consumer-driven brands and quality-assured products.”

High Park’s Three New Canadian Brands

High Park is proud to unveil three original cannabis brands for the Canadian market, created by artisans and grown by master horticulturalists dedicated to their craft and sustainable practices.

·       Canaca™ proudly builds on its homegrown heritage with cannabis whole flower, pre-roll and oil products handcrafted by and for Canadian cannabis enthusiasts.

·       Dubon™ is a vibrantly Québécois cannabis brand and champion of inspired, creative living. Dubon offers master-crafted cannabis strains as whole flower and pre-rolls, exclusively available through the Société québécoise du cannabis in Québec (SQDC).

·       Yukon Rove™ is a cannabis brand born “wild and free” with the unique spirit of Northern-Canada.  An assortment of local favorite strains will be available from Yukon Rove in whole flower and pre-rolls, exclusively in the Yukon territory.

Broad-Based Brand Portfolio 

In addition to the brands listed above (and as previously announced), High Park has secured the exclusive rights to produce and distribute a broad-based portfolio of adult-use cannabis brands and products in Canada, subject to applicable laws and regulations. These brands include:

·       Irisa™ is a women’s wellness brand created with modern health and wellness seekers in mind. Irisa products include cannabis pre-rolls and oil drops designed to naturally integrate with consumers’ self-care rituals.

·       GrailTM is a super-premium cannabis brand that offers discerning connoisseurs a collection of sought-after strains and top-shelf products.

·       Marley Natural™ is crafted with deep respect for natural wellbeing and the positive potential of the herb. Marley Natural products include whole flower, pre-rolls, vape oil cartridges and cannabis-infused edibles.*

·       Dutchy™ is a popular brand of choice for more frequent consumers. Dutchy’s social and community-minded products include whole-flower, pre-rolls and vape oil cartridges.*

·       HeadlightTM offers experienced consumers best-in-class quality focusing on cannabis concentrates, waxes and high potency vape oil cartridges.*

·       Goodship® makes award-winning cannabis edibles. The Goodship brand is known for its delectable cannabis-infused baked goods, chocolates and confections.*

·       WallopsTM are creators of high-intensity chews and confections.* Wallops products satisfy daring cannabis consumers with a stunningly bold flavor experience.


*Vape oil cartridges, cannabis concentrates, waxes and cannabis edibles are not anticipated to be permitted under Canadian adult-use legislation on October 17, 2018. The Government of Canada has indicated that edibles will be permitted no later than 12 months after the legislation comes into force. Other forms may be permitted at a later date.

National Supply Partnerships

High Park anticipates fulfilling adult-use supply agreements and purchase orders in Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Northwest Territories, Saskatchewan and the Yukon this year as adult-use legalization takes effect. Irisa, Grail, Canaca, Dubon and Yukon Rove will be available in select jurisdictions across Canada for the launch of the adult-use market on October 17th. Marley Natural is anticipated to launch later in 2018, and the remaining brands in the High Park portfolio will launch as laws and regulations permit.

About High Park Company

Based in Toronto and led by a team with deep experience in cannabis and global consumer brands, High Park was established to develop, produce, sell, and distribute a broad-based portfolio of adult-use cannabis brands and products. High Park is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tilray, Inc., a global leader in cannabis cultivation, processing, and distribution. Tilray will continue to serve patients in Canada and around the world with a diverse range of pharmaceutical-grade medical cannabis products as High Park focuses on creating distinctive products for adult consumers.