oct 17

3 things to do in BC on Oct 17

Legalization is only a day away on Oct 17, and regardless of how you feel about the details of it (because if you look at the Cannabis Act, there’s still so, so much more work to be done), this day represents the culmination of decades of hard work.

What we have on Oct 17 is just a start, and it’s clear that the Canadian government has erred on the side of caution with its creation of a highly regulated and strictly controlled cannabis regime. There are many things in Bill C45 that need work- from the 14 year jail sentences to the monopolistic licensed producer system to the fact that edibles won’t be available until at least 2019- but the logic goes that it’s easier to start off strict and slowly ease up as time goes on, rather than trying to put the cat back in the bag later.

But despite all of that, a little celebration is in order for Oct 17 but at the same time, we should keep in mind that this historic day only serves as the launching pad for the years of fighting we have ahead of us to make sure that our cannabis laws are truly just and fair.

So if you want to get your first “legal” smoke on and just celebrate how far the cannabis movement has come, make sure to gather up your BC buddies, grab some BC Bud, and check out one of these events tomorrow!


Legalization Day Protest

oct 17

The Legalization Day Protest in Victoria takes the smoke-out right to the steps of the legislature! Hosted by Sensible BC, organizer Dana Larsen will be there giving away free goodies as you can see from his Twitter post below:

If you’re in the Victoria area, it’s something that you won’t want to miss! It starts at 3 pm and goes til 6 pm on Oct 17, but you’ll want to make it out for 4:20 because that’s when it’s all going to really go down!


Up in Smoke at the Rio Theatre

oct 17

As the Rio Theatre says, “We’re toasting Canada’s greenest new law on Wednesday, Oct 17 with a screening of the ultimate, trailblazing stoner musical comedy – Cheech and Chong’s high-larious UP IN SMOKE!”

Although you can’t smoke inside the theatre as per health code regulations, it is a licensed theatre and tickets are only $4.20!

Doors are at 10:15 pm and the movie starts at 10:45 pm. Get there early to guarantee a spot!

Cypress Hill Live at Fortune Sound Club

oct 17

This one only makes sense as Cypress Hill have always been one of the most cannabis-friendly hip-hop acts in history! Although the Free RSVP is now full, you might still be able to get in as a lucky winner of the contests they’ve got running on the @FortuneSound Instagram page!

It’s going to be a bumping party. Kick off at 9 pm and going til late!