4 Canadian Cannabis Brands We Love – & You Should Try

If you’re in the market to buy some AAA grade cannabis products but have nothing specific in mind, dispensaries and websites can be intimidating. To help solve this problem, we’ve come up with a list of 4 brands Happy Tree Buds Customers Love and you should try.

300mg THC Multi-Pack (20mg x 15)

Boost Edibles

Boost Edibles offer high-quality THC and CBD products in sleek and discrete packaging. They are available for purchase in multi-packs, which enables you to try all the flavors before committing to a single flavor pack if you so desire. Boost Edibles also has a dark chocolate CBD bar and a 750mg CBD sleep tincture if you’re not interested in the psychoactive component of cannabis.

White Executive Vape (available in Indica or Sativa)

Westcoast Smoke

Offering high-quality vapes and premium bud, Westcoast Smoke ensures all their products are of exceptional quality. Westcoast was founded on the premise that cannabis products should be all-natural. Pre-rolled joints (Indica and Sativa) and the White Executive Vape are available for purchase through Happy Tree Buds. Westcoast Smoke’s vapes are made with all-natural terpenes and contain absolutely no vitamin E acetate or any other preservatives.

Strawberry Moonrock Flower

Moonrock Canada

Moonrock Canada has the greatest variety in terms of product selection. I strongly recommend their products to everyone. Moonrocks make excellent gifts and their cosmic blunts are a great way to celebrate special occasions.  Whether you’re looking for CBD bath bombs to help you relax, or premium pre-rolls to smoke with friends, Moonrock Canada has got you covered. I mention my experience with the Meteor Rock Moonrock flower and Boost Edibles in my product review if you’re interested in an honest customer take for each product.

200mg THC tropical assorted gummies (20mg x 10)

Bliss Edibles

Bliss edibles provide another option for those who enjoy THC gummies. The 200mg THC tropical assorted gummies (20mg x 10) shown above, and the 300mg THC tropical assorted gummies (20mg x 15) are available for purchase. Each package provides a small, easy to open container containing 10-15 gummies. Bliss gummies are small enough to carry in your pocket, and depending on your tolerance, one gummy is enough to get you stoned.