420 vancouver protest 12 reasons
Some are saying 420 is not a protest. Here’s some reasons why they’re wrong

420 Vancouver is still a Protest – 12 Reasons Why : Dana Larsen

Some are saying 420 Vancouver is not a protest. Here are the 12 reasons why they’re wrong.

1. We are protesting that cannabis users have no legal places to use cannabis.

2. We are protesting that we are treated and punished far more severely than alcohol users in every way.

3. We are protesting that the cannabis industry is being taken over by millionaires, ex-cops and prohibitionist politicians, while those communities most harmed by prohibition are left out and continue to be demonized.

4. We are protesting that it has become harder for most patients to easily access medical cannabis now than it was before “legalization”.

5. We are protesting that events with alcohol use can get permits to use public spaces, but events with cannabis use are forbidden from getting permits.

6. We are protesting the very high taxes on cannabis, especially taxes on medical cannabis, which is taxed like no other legal medicine.

7. We are protesting arbitrary limitations, like how growing more than 4 cannabis plants at home remains a serious crime, but there are no limits on home beer brewing.

8. We are protesting the discriminatory driving laws which declare people to be impaired even if they are a medical user or haven’t ingested cannabis for days.

9. We are protesting the recent VPD raid and seizure of cannabis from the Overdose Prevention Site, where it was being offered for free as a safe substitute for opioids.

10. We are protesting Vancouver city bylaws which are closing dispensaries and restricting cannabis shops far more strictly than liquor stores.

11. We also protest and hold space in solidarity with those around the world who live in more repressive regimes, and suffer torture, beatings and death over cannabis.

12. We are protesting the whole vicious war on drug users which continues to kill people every single day.

Anyone who says “there is nothing to protest” isn’t paying attention!

A protest is an act of civil disobedience designed to challenge existing rules, draw public attention to an issue, and create social and political change. In all these ways, 420 is a very successful protest! We hope you will be with us at Sunset Beach on April 20, to join in a celebration of cannabis, and a protest against the prohibition, punishments and stigma which still remain. Together we will liberate cannabis users everywhere.