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Crop King Seeds – 420 Vancouver

If you’re at all interested in the growing side of cannabis, you probably know of Crop King Seeds. The king himself is hard to miss with his long, grey beard and purple and gold crown. Maybe you’ve seen him on the logo, or perhaps you saw one of the king’s elusive bobbleheads, but have you ever seen him in real life?

CLN was lucky enough to talk to someone who met him, Craig Ex aka The Expert of Expert Joints. Craig is also co-host of this year’s 420 Vancouver and he wanted to give Crop King Seeds a shoutout as 420 Vancouver wouldn’t be the same without them.

As Craig Ex said:

“I’ve got to give them their due. Crop King Seeds has been a long time supporter of Cannabis Culture, Pot TV, and 420 and I have to give all due respect to them and many thanks for supporting such an important movement.”

When asked about what the Crop King is like in real life, Craig described him this way:

“The Crop King is just as big and hairy as he looks in the logo. He doesn’t say much but he does look good in purple velvet.”

In addition to sponsoring 420 Vancouver, Crop King Seeds is also sponsoring a block of the 7-hour 420 livestream from 12-7pm- specifically, the 2PM-3PM timeslot. If you can’t be there in person, make sure to watch it all go down on the livestream. Set your reminder here

Keep your eyes peeled for that as Craig says they’ll be doing a feature on Crop King Seeds during that hour.

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Can’t wait until 420? In the meantime, you can hype yourself up and relive some of your favourite moments from events past, like when Craig Ex met Raekwon,which was sponsored by Crop King

Post-420, if want to relive your favourite moments from 2019’s epic celebration, check out the High Times app (available on Android and iOS), CLN, Expert Joints, and Pot Tv.

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About Crop King Seeds

Crop King Seeds is one of the biggest cannabis seed companies in Canada and the USA, and has been a long time supporter of 420 Vancouver for years.

Established in 2005, the company has been perfecting the genetics of the cannabis plant for medical and commercial growers seeking maximum results in harvest size, THC and CBD.



Canada: (604) 563-0291

USA: +1 (844) 276-7546

Worldwide: +1 (604) 563-0291