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Acreage Pharms latest LP to get sales license

Acreage Pharms, an Alberta-based licensed producer and wholly-owned subsidiary of Invictus MD, received its sales license from Health Canada under the ACMPR, which went into effect yesterday.

The sales license timing couldn’t be better for Invictus, who wants to get into retail in a big way, with plans of owning and operating at least 20 dispensaries across BC, Alberta, and Saskatchewan; supplying provincial governments and other LP’s; and securing other supply agreements, both large and small.

On the customer side, Invictus wants to offer a “refined consumer experience” and it sees Acreage Pharms as a key part of their retail strategy.

“This is the crowning jewel that we all have been working towards since 2013, and wonderful news,” said Acreage Pharms founder and CEO Trevor Dixon.

Invictus CEO and Chairman Dan Kriznic said, “ We started this company in 2014 with the intention of becoming Canada’s Cannabis Company. With the granting of Acreage Pharms’ sales license and the completion of the Phase 2 structure at Acreage Pharms, two key milestones in the drive towards that intent now have been achieved.”

Not only does Invictus on Acreage Pharms, Invictus owns 50% of AB Labs, another LP, as well as Poda, a vaporizing system.

Gene Simmons, who has never touched cannabis, is Invictus’ spokesperson

Gene Simmons, the famed bassist from KISS, is Invictus’ CEO (Chief Evangelist Officer, that is) which is a little strange when you consider how he’s boasted how he’s never smoked cannabis in his life, which makes you think he’d be a weird choice for a cannabis spokesperson.

But he’s been in the news lately for changing his opinion on cannabis, saying he’s come around on it because of research he’s done into its medicinal benefits, but he also has about $10 million in Invictus stock. So there’s that to consider, too.


Featured image courtesy of Journal of Commerce.


Cision: Invictus’ Acreage Pharms Awarded Sales License.