Activist Freddie Pritchard Challenges Justin Trudeau

Cannabis activist Freddie Pritchard has issued a challenge to prime minster Justin Trudeau.  He is concerned that the form of legalization that is coming to Canada will too closely resemble what has happened in the US, where a few states have legalized already. He says that the states which have legalized are not actually seeing legitimate legalization. “What is going on in the states is a white wash legalization while the black market thrives. If you google search busts in these states recently there are many many people going to prison for pot. The legal tax money now funds the state against those in the black market which still thrives. They created new driving while high laws and the Colorado police have the cannabis roadside tester.”

Pritchard has been warning Liberal Party supporters, such as the Emerys, that Trudeau wasn’t going to be bringing true legalization. “They say they’ll remove marijuana ‘consumption’ and ‘incidental’ possession from the criminal code, and create new, stronger laws to punish more severely those who provide it to minors, those who operate a motor vehicle while under its influence, ‘and those who sell it outside of the new regulatory framework.’ This would mean that what all of us growers, traffickers, medical makers and concentrate makers do would be illegal.”

So he is issuing a challenge to Justin Trudeau, to fight for true legalization here in Canada.

“I challenge Trudeau for all patients and true legalization activists across the country against any new, stricter or harsher rules and regulations. I challenge him to include real cannabis activists at his table to come up with a real plan for a free and fair market that includes all Canadians now in the industry. No more needless persecution of those associated with cannabis and cannabis growing. I challenge him to include us and our voice at that table or in the ring. He seems to like to box, and dance about left to right, taking pictures while over 22,000 now of our Canadian brothers and sister have suffered against some form of cannabis arrest. Well we are not gonna take that anymore and many want to and will fight. No better place than the ring.”

Freddie recently spoke at the Vancouver Art Gallery at the 4/20 event there. The Sunset Beach event drew a bigger crowd but the Art Gallery event did not go unnoticed and had good attendance.  “420 Art Gallery was awesome. 10,000 people easily passed throughout the day and about 2000-2500 lit up at 420. There were zero arrests and the police were great with us. We’re there next year 2017.”