AGAT Laboratories to begin cannabis testing for licensed producers

AGAT Laboratories, one of Canada’s largest analytical testing labs, to help Licensed Producers meet Health Canada‘s strict cannabis standards

Quick Facts:

  • Licensed Producers (LPs) of cannabis must meet strict Health Canada standards
  • AGAT Laboratories will now help LPs test their batch releases to the public to meet Health Canada guidelines
  • Independent, third-party testing methods available to LPs across Canada
  • ISO 17025 Accredited facilities/ Emerald Proficiency pending


October 23, 2018 (VANCOUVER) – AGAT Laboratories will now offer testing services to Licensed Producers of cannabis across the country.

The announcement comes as Licensed Producers are looking to meet Health Canada’s strict cannabis guide for their batch releases. As a certified, independent third-party tester, AGAT Laboratories will now help LPs meet required quality standards for public consumption.

Marissa Reckmann, CEO, AGAT Laboratories, said:

“AGAT Laboratories is proud to be at the forefront of the laboratory industry, advancing the application of science to the protection of the Canadian public.

We are very excited to be a part of this burgeoning market segment, and look forward to providing the highest level of quality analytical data, ensuring compliance and quality control is met for all cannabis products.”

Added Reckmann: “We see this a massive growth opportunity for our company that fits with our mission to provide service beyond analysis.”

AGAT Laboratories will be testing LPs’ batch releases to the public for, but not limited to, metals, foreign material, pesticides and certain naturally occurring toxins. The testing facility is ISO 17025 accredited, with Emerald Proficiency testing pending.

Access to testing is now available to LPs in every province across Canada.




Editor’s note: 

Interviews with AGAT CEO Marissa Reckmann are available upon request.

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About AGAT Laboratories:

AGAT Laboratories is a highly specialized, Canadian-based company that provides laboratory services worldwide. With over 35 years of experience, coast to coast locations and over 1,200 employees Canada-wide, AGAT Laboratories is the most geographically and technically diversified laboratory in Canada.

Our scientists are highly skilled and specialized in the fields of chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology, geology, engineering and specialty analysis. Committed to local communities, AGAT Laboratories aims to maintain our mission statement in delivering “Service Beyond Analysis”.


Featured image courtesy of AGAT Laboratories and Nathalie Journeault.