Aleafia Health Reports Q4 and Year-End Results

Aleafia Health Reports Q4 and Year-End Results

  • First quarterly positive adjusted EBITDA of $0.2M in Q4 2019
  • 27% increase in Q4 2019 net cannabis revenue over the previous quarter
  • 1,748% increase in FY 2019 net cannabis revenue over the previous year
  • Gross margin on cannabis net revenue of 80% in Q4 2019
  • Q4 2019 SG&A expenses of $4.3 million, a decrease of 11% over previous quarter
  • $41.2M cash and cash equivalents at December 31, 2019
  • Fourth consecutive quarter reporting record revenue

TORONTO, March 18, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Aleafia Health Inc. (TSX: ALEF, OTC: ALEAF, FRA: ARAH) (“Aleafia Health” or the “Company”), is pleased to report its financial results for the 2019 fourth quarter (“Q4 2019”) and fiscal year (“FY 2019”).

Management Commentary

“Our disciplined, sustainable growth has paid dividends in 2019 in a tremendous year for Aleafia Health. Our patient-centric approach remains at the core of our business as we build our cannabis health and wellness ecosystem,” said Aleafia Health CEO Geoffrey Benic. “These results again demonstrate the strength of our team in executing on this vision during a period of rapid and dynamic industry change.

“The prudent allocation of capital instituted over the course of 2019 is reflected in streamlined expenses, a fourth consecutive quarter of solid revenue growth, and industry-leading gross margin among North American cannabis industry reporting issuers. Looking forward, we expect to make continued progress in 2020 as we bring new, differentiated health and wellness product formats to market and expand our patient ecosystem at home and abroad.”

Condensed Income Statement

($,000s)Three months ended
Dec 31, 2019 Sep 30, 2019 Dec 31, 2018 
Net revenue6,028 4,958 644 
Net cannabis revenue(1)(2)4,852 3,826 200 
Inventory expenses to cost of sales987 2,182 444 
Gross profit before fair value (“FV”) adjustments on  cannabis net revenue(1)(2)3,864 1,644 (354)
Sales, general & administrative (“SG&A”) expenses4,294 4,805 4,140 
Net (loss) income(9,759)1,859 (11,958)
Adjusted EBITDA(1)(4)207 (2,526)(4,453)
1. See “Cautionary Statements Regarding Certain non-IFRS Measures” section of the associated MD&A for term definition.
2. Net cannabis revenue is sale of cannabis revenue less excise taxes.
3. Clinics revenue is combined research and consultation services revenue
4. Adjusted EBITDA is calculated as operating income (loss), excluding (i) amortization and depreciation, (ii) changes in fair value of inventory sold, (iii) unrealized gain on fair value biological assets, (iv) share-based payments and (v) one-time business transaction fees.

Q4 2019 net revenue was $6.0 million, an increase of 22% over the previous quarter. The increase was primarily due to a $1.0 million increase in cannabis revenue. For FY 2019, net revenue was $16.4 million, an increase of 391% over the previous year. The increase was primarily due to an $11.0 million increase in net cannabis revenue, along with an increase of $2.0 million in clinic revenue.

Q4 2019 net loss was $9.8 million, compared to net income of $1.9 million in the previous quarter. This loss was primarily due to non-cash items including a decline of $8.0 million in unrealized gain on the fair value of biological assets compared to Q3 2019, and a non-cash $3.6 million deferred income tax expense in the quarter.

SG&A expenses were $4.3 million in Q4 2019, a decrease of 11% over the previous quarter. Q4 2019 total expenses declined by 56% compared to Q1 2019. This increased efficiency is the result of the Company’s focus in FY 2019 on prioritized sustainable growth and cost and expense management. 

Gross Margin & Gross Profit on Net Cannabis Revenue

($,000s)Three months endedYear ended 
Dec 31, 2019Sep 30, 2019Dec 31, 2019Dec 31, 2018
Net cannabis revenue4,8523,82611,628629
Inventory expenses to cost of sales9872,1826,744554
Gross profit before FV adjustments on cannabis net revenue3,8641,6444,88475
Gross margin before FV adjustments on cannabis net revenue80%43%42%12%

Gross profit before fair value adjustments for cannabis net revenue was $3.9 million in Q4 2019, an increase of 135% over the previous quarter. Gross margin for Q4 2019 was 80%, compared to 43% in Q3 2019. The increases were primarily due to improved gross margins in the medical cannabis and bulk wholesale cannabis markets. Gross margin by market type in Q4 2019 was:

  • Medical cannabis: 68%
  • Adult-use cannabis: 39%
  • Wholesale bulk cannabis: 97%

Adjusted EBITDA

($,000s)Three months ended
Dec 31, 2019 Sep 30, 2019 Jun 30, 2019 Mar 31, 2019 
Operating (loss) income(3,511)3,938 (9,168)(20,452)
Amortization and depreciation2,200 2,840 4 868 
EBITDA(1,311)6,778 (9,165)(19,584)
Changes in FV of inventory sold1,323 248 487  
Unrealized gain on FV of biological assets(2,364)(10,366)(2,343)(205)
Share-based payments929 411 4,210 7,961 
One-time business transaction fees1,630 403 2,272 907 
Adjusted EBITDA207 (2,526)(4,538)(10,921)

The Company has reported its first positive quarterly adjusted EBITDA of $0.2 million, compared to a loss of $2.5 million in the previous quarter. A disciplined cost structure coupled with significant revenue growth in each quarter during FY 2019, has yielded substantial, sequential adjusted EBITDA improvements. The increase in adjusted EBITDA was primarily due to significant increases in cannabis gross profit along with concurrent reductions in expenses.

Selected Balance Sheet Information

Dec 31, 2019Sep 30, 2019Dec 31, 2018
Working capital96,90583,41125,753
Cannabis inventory & biological assets35,08621,474590
Cash & cash equivalents41,24751,58726,407

Key Events During the Reporting Period

  • Completion of Paris Facility Phase II Expansion

    On October 4, 2019, the Company secured full site occupancy for its Paris Facility Phase II expansion. The Paris Facility, including the expansion, represents a footprint of 30,000 sq. ft. dedicated to the extraction, production, packaging, and distribution of high-margin, value-added cannabis health and wellness products. The Company has submitted to Health Canada the final site evidence package demonstrating the expansion’s operational readiness. The application is currently under review by Health Canada.

  • Outdoor Harvest

    On November 11, 2019, the Company completed an inaugural outdoor grow harvest at its Port Perry Facility and Aleafia Health announced that it yielded approximately 10,300 kgs of dried flower, at an all-in cash cost per gram to the harvest of $0.10. At the time of the announcement, the Company had used conservative estimates to attain the 10,300 kg yield figure. Following the completion of drying and curing, the final weight of the harvest was taken, and the actual outdoor yield was 12,747 kgs of dried cannabis flower.

    The expansion of the Port Perry facility’s outdoor cultivation site seeks to add an additional 60 acres of cultivation area, for a total of 86 acres.  The license amendment application and requisite site evidence package has been submitted to Health Canada and the application is currently under review.

  • Paris Facility Approval for Cannabis 2.0 Formats

    On November 14, 2019, Aleafia Health announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Emblem Cannabis Corporation (“Emblem”), had secured two Health Canada license amendments that authorize expanded processing capacity, allowing for the sale of new product formats at the Paris Facility. As a result of the license amendments, the Company is now authorized to produce and sell new product formats including edibles and topicals and has adequate, licensed production space to do so.

  • LP-to-LP Transaction

    On November 29, 2019, Emblem entered into a Cannabis Material Purchase Agreement with a certain Canadian Licensed Producer (the “LP”) whereby Emblem will supply 2,840 kgs of cannabis flower to the LP at a price of $2.50 per gram. Shipments of 1,122 kgs were completed during Q4 2019. The remaining shipments were completed subsequent to the reporting period.

  • FoliEdge Academy Courses

    On December 10, 2019, the Company announced that FoliEdge Academy had entered into a definitive Educational Products Distribution Agreement with Seneca College to develop and deliver new courses and programs focused on aspects of the cannabis industry in Canada. A range of courses currently underway are publicly available through Seneca College.

Key Events Subsequent to the Reporting Period

  • Cannabis-Infused Sublingual Strips

    On January 15, 2020, Emblem entered into a definitive licensing agreement with Kinstate Inc., to bring its award-winning, cannabis-infused sublingual strips brand and underlying technology to the Canadian market. The agreement provides the Company with the exclusive Canadian rights to manufacture, market and sell the Kin Slips brand, along with the right to use the associated proprietary formulations and manufacturing methodology.

  • Niagara Facility Licence

    On March 13, 2020, Aleafia Farms secured a Health Canada Cultivation Licence for the Niagara Facility.  The Licence authorizes cannabis cultivation, propagation, harvesting and sales in Building 1, which includes 50,000 sq. ft. of greenhouse area and 20,000 sq. ft. for post-cultivation operations. These include drying, storage and shipping and support for outdoor cultivation.

  • Changes to Lead Independent Director Appointments

    The Company previously announced that the role of the Lead Independent Director of Aleafia would rotate among independent Directors every six months as determined by a majority of the Company’s independent Directors. On March 17, 2020, the independent Directors unanimously resolved that in pursuit of leading corporate governance standards, the role will no longer rotate and Ms. Lea M. Ray will continue as the Lead Independent Director. Ms. Ray has served as the Lead Independent Director since October 2, 2019, and is currently also the Chair of the Audit Committee and a member of the Governance Committee.

About Aleafia Health:

Aleafia Health is an industry-leading, vertically integrated and federally licensed Canadian cannabis company offering cannabis health and wellness services and products in Canada and in international markets. The Company operates medical clinics, education centers and production facilities for the production and sale of cannabis.

Aleafia Health owns three significant licensed cannabis production facilities, including the first large-scale, legal outdoor cultivation facility in Canadian history. The Company produces a diverse portfolio of commercially proven, high-margin derivative products including oils, capsules, and sprays. Aleafia Health operates the largest national network of medical cannabis clinics and education centers staffed by MDs, nurse practitioners, and educators and operates internationally in three continents.

Innovation, the heart of Aleafia Health’s competitive advantage, has led to the Company maintaining a medical cannabis dataset with over 10 million data points to inform proprietary illness-specific product development and its highly differentiated education platform FoliEdge Academy. The Company is committed to creating sustainable shareholder value; the TSX Venture Exchange named Aleafia the 2019 top-performing company prior to its graduation to the TSX.