Around Half Of Canadians Think Home Growing Should Be Fully Legal

The cannabis movement in Canada was very pleased to see the ruling in the Allard case, which allows for medical cannabis patients to grow their own medicine at home. A recent poll was done by Forum Research, which showed that almost half of Canadians, 48 per cent, think that cannabis growing should be legal for recreational as well as medical purposes. This number is an increase from an similar poll late last year that showed only 32 per cent favoring legal home growing.

Justin Trudeau hasn’t yet commented on where he stands on personal cannabis growing, but the Allard case showed that the courts are more in favor of home growing. In regards to that specific case, the poll showed that 56 per cent of Canadians approved of the decision. The founder and president of Forum, Lorne Bozinoff, noted that “The support is pretty broad across the country, with very little regional variation. Little bit of an age skew, but even people 65 and over approve of this ruling.”

It should be no surprise that the only group who mostly didn’t agree with the idea of home growing was card-carrying conservatives. Cannabis legalization was a very big part of what the Liberals campaigned on, and the fact that they got so many votes shows that the majority of Canadians are cannabis-friendly.