Briere Vows to Stay Open in Abbotsford

After the City of Abbotsford filed to have his dispensary closed and have him banned from town, Don Briere said he’ll stay open, regardless of the decision.

On Tuesday, city officials requested an injunction from the B.C. Supreme Court to have Mary Jane’s Glass and Gifts closed and Briere restricted from trying to open another in the city.

Mayor Henry Braun said his issue isn’t with medical cannabis, but that the city’s obligation is to “uphold laws, otherwise you have chaos.”

In January, the city shut down another one of Briere’s shops in town after receiving a similar injunction. Briere said the closure wasn’t because of the court ruling, but an act of good faith.

The owner said he wants to work with the community and that his operation is vital to patients who need to browse medication before purchasing.

If the city tries to force him to shut down, Briere said he’ll stand in fro

Briere if that were to happen he would stand in front of the store, willing to be arrested. He said Abbotsford medical marijuana patients need his products and that the city is enforcing laws which are “based on lies.”

Briere said that once he got into a courtroom with the city, his opponents would look like “buffoons.”

“The amount of resources they’re putting into this [legal battle] is a humongous waste of tax resources,” said Briere.