Ontario Residents Divided On Cannabis Being Sold Through LCBOs

During the debate on legalization as it looms, Kathleen Wynne has been one of the more outspoken proponents of cannabis being sold through the LCBO system just like alcohol. The PM’s constituency on the other hand, is divided on the issue according to a new Forum Research survey.

Out of those surveyed, 35% thought cannabis should be sold at pharmacies, around 26% would rather go with private dispensaries, which has a market many times the size of the LP’s market. This left only 20% of people siding with the Ontario premier, preferring the LCBO handle cannabis sales in the same manner that alcoholic beverages currently are. Only 3% wanted to see cannabis sold in convenience stores and 2% preferring individuals dealers.

When it comes to the issue of cannabis being sold side by side to alcohol, 50% of respondents didn’t think that selling the two together was appropriate, with 45% ok with both being sold together. Forum president Lorne Bozinoff commented on the results, “While the government considers the LCBO the best place to control and regulate the distribution of legal pot, it is apparent voters don’t agree. In fact, many find the combination of marijuana and alcohol to be an inappropriate retail mix. Pharmacies and dispensaries are preferred.”

The specifics of how and exactly where cannabis will be distributed once legalized still remains, and we will keep you updated on any stories relating to this issue.