Get your best bang with bud

Bud and banging is fun but if you want to have a good time, you have to keep it interesting. We all need to mix it up sometimes but that doesn’t have to mean pulling out the clown suit. Sometimes, all you need to spice up your sex life is to take a personal inventory of what you do and how cannabis can play a role. Have you ever really thought about how it affects you and what you can do with that? Most haven’t and as a result, they miss out on a seriously good time. In order to help you live your best sex life, here are some tips to help you get the best bang for your bud.

Cannabis Cockblock – Use CBD


I will be completely honest and say that I avoid CBD products because they don’t get me stoned. However, there are two times I make an exception; when I need it medically and before getting laid. CBD bud is made for the bedroom. It’s anti-inflammatory, helps ease anxiety, and doesn’t get you ripped to the point where it takes away from the experience. If you are like me, you enjoy the experience of inhaling cannabis. In fact, I like the act of smoking weed so much that I sometimes get too stoned by accident. If I had naked plans, getting too baked to bang sucks. CBD bud is the answer. Having CBD bud on hand will give you something to smoke, medicinal cannabinoids and best of all, CBD doesn’t cockblock. 

Be the person that thinks of everything – glass of water, pre-roll, lighter, ashtray

One of my favorite times in the bedroom was with a guy who had thought of literally everything he could do to make me comfortable. Although he barely smoked weed, he knew that I puffed like chimney. Close to the bed, he had a bottle of water, a bottle of juice, gummy candies, a large clean ashtray, a pre-rolled joint, lighter and a pack of matches; in other words, this guy thought like a stoner.

He made sure all liquid was in bottles in case they got knocked over. The gummies and juice provided sugar and he said water doesn’t always work for pasties. He had no idea how to roll so I don’t know where the joint came from but, it was within arms reach for afterwards. Plus, the ashtray was spotless so it was easy for me to put out the doobie and relight it without a mess. I was so impressed by the lengths he had gone to understand and accommodate my cannabis use that I completely relaxed and had an amazing time.

Just relax and have fun with your bang buddies


Sex is fun and if you are bored in the bedroom, could it have anything to do with taking yourself a little too seriously? The rules are simple. As long as whatever you are doing is completely safe and consensual, it’s normal. Fire up a doobie and tell your partner your innermost fantasies. Smoke a little more and act them out! Get stoned, let loose and let that indica melt away your inhibitions. Relax, let go, and start it off with a bang, so to speak.

Let the bedroom be a special time where have granted yourself the permission to have perfect acceptance for who you are and what you like. This philosophy does not get adopted overnight; it takes practice and cannabis helps. 

Outdoor sex tip –  Wearing a skirt? Don’t pull down your panties, push the crotch aside. 

Roleplay is possible so shut your mouth


So, you and your partner have just finished that doobie and decided to play cops and robbers. But, when it comes time to tell them to “assume the position”, you can’t keep it together. Trying to act out a sex scene can get pretty awkward at the best of times; Depending on the person, getting baked can either help or hinder this endeavor.

My advice?

Don’t talk. Pick a strain that makes you quiet, discuss the rules of the scene while smoking that joint and once you walk in the bedroom, it’s no talking. You can focus on the physical aspect of the scene while enjoying your buzz and there is less likelihood that one of you will break out laughing. Using this approach and easing anxiety with cannabis can make roleplay possible for anyone, regardless of how shy.    

Life is too short so smoke dank weed and have great sex. Anyone can use both together but with a little bit of extra consideration, sex and cannabis can create a whole new dynamic in the bedroom. You owe it to yourself to enjoy your life as much as possible. Whether its your partners private parts or just your hand, make the most of it and consider your cannabis use.   

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