Cannabis Growers of Canada & Our Community – Toronto July 2016 Update

In this video from the Cannabis Growers of Canada, executive director Ian Dawkins addresses a group of representatives of the Toronto cannabis community.

Dawkins said it’s imperative that small, craft growers and dispensaries join with larger trade organizations like the CGC.

“It’s time to stand up and be counted for what you believe in because they’re about to take it away from you and this is your last chance,” he said. “If these regulations come down and they’re baked in and you’re not included in them — how long did it take craft beer to come back, 50 years? Do you want that to be you? I certainly don’t.”

“This is your last chance and you better get out there and fight for what you want to do because they will take it away from you. There’s too much money at stake and too many people who want that money.”

The video also includes a preview of the CGC Fore20 Golf Tournament and Cannabis Cup, Sept. 11 at the Squamish Valley Golf Club. The Cannabis Growers of Canada event combines a cannabis cup with a golf tournament, the traditional networking event of the business world.

You can read more from Dawkins’s speech at the Toronto event here.