Cannabis in Canada at the Prairie Cup

Jason Wilcox and the Cannabis in Canada team headed to Saskatoon for the Prairie Medicinal Harvest Cup, Oct. 2–4.

An annual cannabis competition and trade show, the Prairie Cup celebrated its fifth year at the O’Brians Event Centre, with delegates from across the country there both to compete and focus on cannabis advocacy.

Cannabis in Canada LIVE co-host and Cannabis Growers of Canada president Chad Jackett took home third prize for his Lindsay strain, against competitors from across the country, in the hybrid category.

A complete list of winners can be found on the Prairie Cup website.

The Cup also featured notable advocates from across Canada, ahead of the federal election, Oct. 19.

“It’s people like this that make change, and this is defining the times,” said Wilcox, encouraging those in attendance to become more active in the politics of cannabis. “When the chief financial officer of the Liberal Party works in concert with big business to set up $25 million company, and there’s ‘no medical value to marijuana’ like the Health Minister says, we as Canadians should be saying ‘What the hell? That’s corruption.’”

Brudder Adam from the Beard Brothers Society said it was an honor to be in attendance at the event.

“It’s such a great crowd,” said Adam. “So many big, influential figures here. So many great activists.”

Glenn Price, whose Winnipeg dispensary was raided by police this summer, said the Prairie Cup was an opportunity to show support for the cause of legalizing and legitimizing medicinal cannabis.

“Everybody should be out here,” said Price.

Prairie Cup MC and cannabis activist Neil Magnuson countered Stephen Harper’s recent claims that cannabis is “infinitely worse” than tobacco.

“Cannabis is not dangerous,” said Magnuson. “Of all the things out there in our environment, cannabis is the least dangerous.”

Wilcox said it’s important that everyone concerned with cannabis in Canada take action.

“I don’t know why we just sit back and smoke our weed and say ‘no problem, I’ll just keep doing dabs, no big deal’ but it is problem,” Wilcox said. “We gotta kick up some dust.”

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