6 Cannabis Influencers You Should Check Out In 2020

Influencers in any category are incredibly easy to find, no matter how niche your interest may be. In the weed community, there are many up and coming Weedstagrammers and WeedTubers. We included 6 Cannabis Influencers you should check out in 2020.


Starting off this list we have Vancouver‘s Cannabis influencers, “The Witches Of Grass-town.” With almost 3,000 followers on Instagram, Stolbiesisters are your one-stop-shop for everything cannabis.

Instagram: @Stolbiesisters


If you’re not familiar with Jaquichilds, then it’s time you get to know her. She is a cannabis writer and has a successful podcast who advocates for and educates the public about cannabis. At 137K followers on Instagram, she‘s a well-known cannabis personality.

Instagram: @Jacquichilds


Celeste is something special. Potentially the most easy-going person on this list, she definitely cares about marijuana and the BC culture. She’s a BC-based cannabis reviewer and has over 12k followers on Youtube and Instagram.

Instagram: @bcbudgal_



If you enjoy aesthetically pleasing feeds, check out Dorota on Instagram. With visually appealing photography and videos of product reviews, you can use her account to get leads on the latest up and coming products and collaborations.

Instagram: @dorota916


Kass and Honey are YouTube cannabis influencers who mostly make videos on health and wellness topics, with an impressive catalogue of how to’s and more on their channel.

Instagram: @Kassandhoney


Savvystonedgirl, Nikki Jackson, is a strong mental health advocate and natural healing enthusiast. Hop on to her page to get level headed with everything real and cannabis lifestyle related.

Instagram: @Savvystonedgirl

Did we miss any of your favorite influencers in these 6 cannabis influencers? Let us know in the comments section and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram as well !

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