Halloween Shindig with Products by SeC

Things get a little spooky with the Stolbie Sisters at the Products by SeC Pop-Up Halloween Shindig where one of the biggest scares was just how amazing the quality of the cannabis and edibles was!

Watch as the Stolbie Sisters avoid the creepy clown standing at the door and stroll into a wonderful Halloween event full of tricks, treats, delicious edibles, and cannabis with sexy dancing zombies and creepy ghouls galore- so keep an eye out for some great costumes!

It was a packed party full of wonderful people, old friends, and a ton of cannabis smoke. First, the sisters said hi to Master Tokes and checked out the amazing extracts and flowers they had on display.

If you ever caught completely without weed and you think to yourself, “I need weed!” then check out the perfectly-named website ineedweed.ca– a BC-based mail-order business that offers great strains at great prices. The Stolbie Sisters take a look at one of their brand new strains- Island Pink- and thoroughly impressed by its tasty aroma.

The sisters then smoke a golden joint with best friend Jessie Macpherson before saying what’s up to Honey from the Canadian Baked Beavers. Next, they check out the latest CBD vape pen from Delush. Aside from the amazing packaging, the vape pen contains full-spectrum CBD and organic fruit terpenes.

Nobody’s Business shows off their vegan truffles and medicinal chocolates that get the Stolbie Sisters stamp of approval.

Jess from Products by SeC tells us a little more about the Halloween Shindig she helped throw, saying there was glass blowing, a hip-hop show, and magician, saying this Halloween party was “definitely the biggest one we’ve ever done” as she thanked all the volunteers, vendors, and sponsors that helped her put on such a wicked Halloween event.