cannabis legalization: next step happens today

As of today, edibles and other cannabis-derived products have just been legalized. Still, there’s a catch- you won’t be able to buy any until mid-December at the earliest, due to Health Canada’s 60-day review period.

We’ve already been waiting a year for this next step of cannabis legalization. You might be wondering what took so long to legalize edibles. To hear the government tell it, that extra year was necessary due to the complexities of these cannabis products when it has compared to good ol’ bud, and they do have a point. Many of the politicians we’re entrusting to write our cannabis laws don’t have the faintest clue about cannabis or the culture. 

Take Conservative senator Nicole Eaton, for example, who infamously said: “Five grams is about four tokes.” If you’re a stoner, you might even find that impressive until you realize that she wasn’t bragging about her lung capacity- she thought a “toke” was a “joint”. 

With people like her writing cannabis regulations, you can see why it took so long to get to this point. It also goes a long way to explain why the new regulations are so ridiculous, particularly when it comes to edibles.

Legalizing edibles and what else?

Edibles weren’t the only cannabis products legalizing today. Joining edibles are ingestible cannabis extracts (such as capsules), cannabis extracts for inhalation, and cannabis topicals.

What are the rules?

First off, there are strict THC limits on all of the newly legalize products. The worst one by far is edibles, which has a maximum limit of 10 mg of THC per package!

Both ingestible and inhalable cannabis extracts have a more reasonable THC limit of 1000 mg per package, with ingestible cannabis extracts (such as capsules) being limit to 10 mg of THC per unit

Cannabis topicals have the same 1000 mg limit per package.

Other requirements include a ban on any of these products containing alcohol or nicotine. These products also cannot be appealing to youth and must come in child-resistant plain packaging.

All of the details are available here.

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Featured image courtesy of Vox.