Cannabismo: Cannabis and Mo’

This post is sponsored by Cannabismo

Cannabismo is an industry leader in mail-order cannabis and one of Canada’s best online dispensaries, providing Canadians with premium cannabis products and an easy, reliable, and safe shopping experience for over 15 years.

Whether you like to vape, smoke, or eat your cannabis products, Cannabismo has you covered with everything from concentrates, edibles, extracts, and flowers, and if you want the benefits without the high, Cannabismo has a wide array of balms, oils, and topicals to choose from.

You can order from practically anywhere in Canada, and with order options that range from 1 to 28 grams, you can stock up on your favourite sativa, hybrid, or indica. If you’re in a more adventurous mood, you could try a little bit of everything!

Each and every Cannabismo order comes with free papers meaning you can be enjoying their product within minutes of receiving your package- which usually arrives within 1-2 days! Cannabismo even used to include a free grinder with every order until they ran out, which shows their dedication to their customers and commitment to making everything as convenient and easy as possible.

According to Cannabismo, “We were always trying to do something different, and that’s why we included free papers from the beginning with professional packaging”.

The perks for Cannabismo members doesn’t stop there- they have a points system where for every dollar you spend, you get one point, and for every 20 points you rack up, you get $1 off your next purchase.

New members even get a one-time bonus of 200 points just for signing up!

Registering as a Cannabismo member is also a breeze- to be eligible, you must be over 19 years old and if you have a medical card (under ACMPR), you get a lifetime discount!

When asked about the advantages of Cannabismo over a walk-in dispensary, a Cannabismo spokesperson said, “Many of our vendors and products are exclusive to us, so a lot of what you see on our website can’t be found at your average dispensary”.

One of Cannabismo’s most popular products are their Medicated Hard Candies. According to their spokesperson, “Our medicated hard candies are so popular because they are cheap and affordable- only $5 for a 4-pack- and are one of the go-to’s for our medical patients, with 120 mg of THC per package”.

With legalization right around the corner, Cannabismo is paying close attention to the legislation, and you should definitely stay tuned to see what surprises they have in store for the future.