CannaCloud Coming to Canada

Canadian cannabis connoisseurs got some good news as CannaKorp announced their innovative cannabis vaporizer and pod system, known as CannaCloud, is coming to Canada, having just signed a multi-year licensing and distribution agreement with MedReleaf.

CannaCloud is billed as the world’s first single-use, pod-based cannabis vaporizing system. It’s basically the cannabis version of those ever-popular single-serve coffee makers, and much the same way, you are guaranteed a reliable, consistent, convenient, and accurate dose of cannabis every single time.

No more hassle. Say goodbye to grinding, measuring up, and loading your vaporizer! It’s all been taken care of and even better, the pods are 100% recyclable.

Neil Closner, the CEO of MedReleaf, said, “We are proud to partner with technology leaders like CannaKorp to be the first licensed producer in Canada to offer this innovative cannabis vapor delivery system”.

The CannaCloud vaporizer and pods will be exclusively produced by MedReleaf, the first and only ISO 9001 certified producer of cannabis-based pharmaceutical products in North America,  and will be available on their website pending regulatory approval.

If all goes well, it’s only a matter of time before Canadians will be floating on that CannaCloud 9.