Canopy Growth CEO applauds task force recommendations

The CEO of LP giant Canopy Growth Corp., the first cannabis producer in North America to be listed on a major stock exchange, unsurprisingly applauded the announcement of the federal cannabis legalization task force’s findings today.

Federally licensed producers are to be the only commercial sellers of cannabis, although the task force also recommended the government ensure a “degree of diversity” that may allow for growth of the craft cannabis industry.

In an interview on Business News Network today, Bruce Linton said the recommendations are a positive step forward for Canada’s rapidly evolving cannabis industry, and if enacted by the Trudeau government will be good for growing Canopy Growth’s bottom line.

“I think the whole supply chain they described, the dosage, the structures, the role of the provinces, pretty much it’s all we had expected and hoped,” he said.

Linton said he doesn’t think price will be the major determining factor for buyers, but rather the ability to know exactly what they’re getting by purchasing from an LP.

“There’s a lot of things we can buy illegally that may or may not be what we want to own,” he said “I think a lot of folks would like legal, they’d like supply-chain certainty…”