International tobacco company signs Nick Brusatore to drive marijuana cigarettes in Canada

Harry’s International Manufacturing is a tobacco company that has decided to make a move into the Marijuana Cigarette and Vapor Industry. Nick Brusatore is a known design expert in the commercial production of plants using vertical growing technology to fully automate and accommodate low cost production with high level of quality and replication data for pharma use. Mr. Brusatore was the Chairman of the Applied Research Board for a few years starting in 2007 at The British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) while extracting secondary metabolites for cancer research. Nick was also nominated for the award of excellence in Canada for agriculture in 2012 for technology and was the early pioneer in the vertical farming space starting his designing back in 2000. Nick was the initial funder and founder of Affinor Growers the current holder of two global vertical farming patents.  Mr Brusatore is still currently working as a consultant for Affinor Growers, as well as funding the technology in a state of the art facility under construction for strawberries on his 10.6 acre property in Abbotsford BC.

The new tobacco initiative plans to launch a public entity in January of 2017 to accommodate high volume marijuana cigarette packaging for current Federal Producers and help them get ready to compete under the new class 2 believed to be coming soon with cigarette law Bill C-71 prevailing. We also plan to private label and enable large alcohol, beer and other tobacco Industry colleagues to join the quest of in the new Marijuana Markets in Canada.

Nick Brusatore Comments:  My Great Grandfather and Grandfather would be proud right about now as our family was alcohol retailers in the 30s when it was medical alcohol. My roots have been the subject of change and now I have been mobilized as history repeats itself accept this time with cannabis. I am excited to help drive this program with Federal Producers and other tobacco and alcohol companies. I hope to help clarify and lobby with industry to educate up and be prepared for retail distribution, taxation and all bylaws emerging as we potentially fall into final phase of class 2. This should be one of the most exciting companies to watch on the market due to the wild speculation in the arena and the strategic moves about to be made.

Kevin Kohanik Comments:  We are cautiously excited to be the first tobacco company in Canada to begin this quest and feel the time is right to begin set up and await the opportunity that we have been waiting for a long time. We have been in negotiations with Mr Brusatore for a little over a year now and believe he is the right guy to handle this job for us. His knowledge of mass production and reach goes much further than people may realize and we look forward to working together to get this job done.