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Careers Cannabis: An innovative platform helping Canadians find cannabis jobs

TORONTO, ON – An innovative new platform connecting job seekers with employment opportunities in the cannabis industry launched in Canada on Oct. 17. Careers Cannabis is an online job search engine, making it faster for employers and job hunters to find the right match, simplifying and improving the job search process within the cannabis sector. The beautiful, easy-to-use platform provides a centralized database for cannabis-related job opportunities in Canada across all departments, from executives to budtenders.

Founded by Anshul Sharma and Brian Sekandi, Careers Cannabis is dedicated to the support and growth of the cannabis job industry. Anshul Sharma said:

“We are utilizing artificial intelligence to not only curate all cannabis industry jobs in one searchable platform, but to be positioned to directly connect great talent with great companies. Through us, employers will easily find the right candidates in order to fill their open roles quickly.”

Careers Cannabis will also be heavily involved in the community through events, brand launches, and career fairs.

Co-founder Brian Sekandi said:

“Careers Cannabis is not only a hub for job opportunities, but a community for those interested in the cannabis industry.

Our brand is uniquely positioned to collect and analyze data on industry needs and trends, then develop targeted solutions to meet those needs, whether through technology, curated events that connect the right people together.”

The simple to use, beautiful platform will make it easy for Canadians looking to enter the cannabis job industry find the information they need to get started and grow in their new career. For more information or to view current job openings in the cannabis sector, visit


Careers Cannabis is on a mission to improve the experience of finding a job and starting a new career in the cannabis industry. We’re a group of developers, recruiters, and designers with a passion for smart technology and beautiful design. We were established and built at WeWork by two serial entrepreneurs that have a passion for education, creativity, collaboration, action and love.

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