CBDRx Completes Comprehensive Strategic Review

BOULDER, Colo., Oct. 3, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — CBDRx LLC, a premier producer of hemp oil, derivatives and finished products from Colorado grown hemp, announces that under CEO Tim Gordon’s leadership, CBDRx has completed a comprehensive strategic review of its business. As a result, plans are being enacted that will enhance its farming, finished product and business operations. The plan includes the sale of its Longmont farm, and relocating research and laboratory operations to new, centralized facilities. Cultivation on the new CBDRx farm will be both outdoors and in multi-acre greenhouses to facilitate year-round production to augment the Pueblo farm crop. The new facility is expected to produce even higher yield cannabinoid plants that will add to the current inventory of high yield hemp remaining from the crop produced over the last eighteen months.

In addition, Tim has reorganized the staff and added new professional personnel, increasing the skill level of the operations team. New team members include: Susan Squibb, with 20 years of experience in the cannabis and health food industry, will lead laboratory and production operations; and Preston Whitfield, who joins as the Director of Sales, a well- respected member of the hemp industry from which he brings his sales and marketing experience.

Commenting on the changes, Tim Gordon stated: “The changes will make CBDRx more efficient and improve production capability while assuring consistent, high quality control.”

Dawn Ballard, a member of the CBDRx Board, stated: “Tim Gordon’s restructuring has been approved unanimously by the board. We are confident that with the improvements, CBDRx will continue its extraordinary growth and success.”

About CBDRx, LLC:
Founded in Colorado in 2014, CBDRx grows broad-spectrum proprietary hemp strains and specializes in the development, processing, and wholesale distribution of medicinal-grade CBD rich hemp, pure hemp oils and whole plant- extracted hemp products for the wellness, nutraceutical, and pharmaceutical industries. To learn more, please visit:  www.cbdrx.com  or contact:

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