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CGC’s Ian Dawkins Has Op-Ed Published In Vancouver Sun

Executive director of Cannabis Growers of Canada, Ian Dawkins, recently had an op-ed published in the Vancouver Sun. He promoted the message of responsible cannabis use on the most memorable holiday for all cannabis users, 4/20.

Here are some of the key points he made:

“Always make sure you know what dosage of THC is in the edible being offered.”

“The right amount of THC to consume in edible form is different for every individual.”

“If you get uncomfortable or feel unwell, stay calm! Drink some water or some juice, find a comfortable spot to rest in, and just relax.”

The CGC will be hosting a “Growing Our Community”  event on 4/21 in Yaletown, which will feature DJ Evo performing live. Check out this link for more info on the event.