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Craig Ex Out and About in Squamish with Grassroots Medicinal and Cannabis Growers of Canada

Check out Craig Ex in the first-ever Expert Joints LIVE! Out and About in beautiful Squamish, BC.

Prepping for the Fore20 Cup at the Squamish Valley Golf Club

Craig Ex tees off and smokes some green on the greens of the Squamish Valley Golf course, which will host the 3rd annual Fore20 Cup in August.

Chad Jackett, the president of the Cannabis Growers of Canada, tell us about the big plans for the 2018 Fore20 Cup- which includes a green market filled with some of Canada’s best craft growers- as they get faded on the fairway in February.

You’ll even see some soaring aerial shots of the Squamish Valley golf course with exclusive footage from their brand new drone.

Out and About at GrassRoots Medicinal

Next, Craig Ex hits up GrassRoots Medicinal, a medical dispensary in Squamish, and meets Don, who gives him the full tour. We get to see a few of the famous strains and edibles that they carry like Bakers Farm cookies, which are available exclusively at GrassRoots.

You can even buy green eggs from chickens who were fed cannabis leaves- just add some ham and it’s like Doctor Seuss in real life.

Craig and Don were surrounded by an abundance of edibles– including gummies, hard candies, lollipops, syrups, cookies, and teas- and Craig was like a kid in a candy shop.

But, it’s not only about the THC as Don also tells Craig how popular CBD tinctures and capsules are with baby boomers who don’t want the high- they want CBD to lessen their dependency on pharmaceuticals.

Don also pointed out how working at GrassRoots is also aromatherapy as he showed Craig strains like Pink Kush from Baker’s Farm and Lindsay OG- which are both in the 26% THC range .

Next time you’re in Squamish, make sure you check out all the tantalizing cannabis products at GrassRoots Medicinal on 40437 Tantalus Road

Cannabis Growers of Canada

Lastly, Chad shows Craig an amazing smoke spot by the ocean with the Sea to Sky Highway and Shannon Falls as the backdrop as he talks about his vision Cannabis Growers of Canada and why it’s more important than ever that the cannabis growers come together.

Stay tuned for the next episode of Expert Joints LIVE! Out and About.