City Reveals Ninth Dispensary to Move Forward With Licence

The City of Vancouver has released the details of another cannabis dispensary that has moved on to the next stage in the city’s licensing process.

The Green Room Society will move into a 760 square foot facility currently zoned as “retail limited food,” last occupied by Greenleaf Organic Health at 1440 East 57th Avenue.

In the business’s operational letter, the Green Room Society says it will “provide safe and affordable access to medical marijuana to patients who have received a doctor’s recommendation.”

The dispensary expects about 50 customers a day at the location and aims to employ 10 staff.

The letter to the city states that the business will have a “traditional Chinese medicine doctor” who will give customers prescriptions for cannabis.

“We will have a Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor at our store giving free consultations and prescriptions with all of his expertise,” the document reads. “He will be helping them with marijuana as well as all that Chinese medicine has to offer in dealing with club member ailments.”

The Green Society currently operates a dispensary at 1057 Seymour Street and another at 555 Dunsmuir, neither of which have been approved to move forward with their licences.

This is the ninth of 11 successful marijuana related business license applications to be publicly announced by the city.

Earlier in the year, the city said they had received 176 applications to run dispensaries.