Colouring Contest Still Open To Win MyTHCbox

Activist and host of the The One Man Smoke Show Freddie Pritchard has partnered with MyTHCbox to give away two of the company’s “stoner boxes.”

Launched at the Duncan Dabfest, the colouring contest has already generated strong interest and is ongoing on Pritchard’s Facebook group for new entries until Mar. 19.

The MyTHCbox prize packages include two of the company’s boxes, a monthly collection of items and activities that are mailed to subscribers, since the service launched in December.

Pritchard said he has given the boxes away in the past on his YouTube channel to viewers and that the quality of the product stands out from other, similar services available.

“MyTHCbox in my opinion is a great box and has things going for it the others don’t,” Pritchard said. “Proceeds go to activism and cannabis awareness, I think it’s the best box all around.”

Pritchard said, as an activist, he feels like the people behind the service share his passion and when he was contacted by MyTHCbox Marketing Director Mary Giannone about sponsoring the contest, he thought it was a great fit.

“I applaud a young entrepreneur, in this day in age, that is not just making a honest living, but using her voice, still fighting, and for true cannabis freedom, and bringing many others cannabis awareness, and joy to so many,” Pritchard said.

Pritchard will announce the winner on his live show, Mar. 20. Current entries can be seen here.

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