Cool Beer Brewery, which has multiple federal and provincial licensees to produce and package alcoholic drinks, but Cool is now looking to get into cannabis infused beverages.

Cool Cannabis – Cool Brewery waiting for processing license from Health Canada

TORONTO, Dec. 20, 2018 /CNW/ – Cool Beer Brewery continues to expand operations across multiple (regulated) beverage segments. Cool already has multiple federal and provincial licensees to produce and package beer, wine, ciders and coolers; Cool is now looking to expand their business to include infused (cannabis based) beverages.

“At the start of the year we applied for our processing license from Health Canada, but we are still awaiting approval as our application transfers to the Cannabis Regulations,” says Kevin Meens, Corporate Development Officer at Cool. “While the application process is very time consuming, and expensive, it is required if Cool wishes to compete in this newly regulated segment,” noted Meens.

Cool is looking to Health Canada to obtain a processing license to extract oils from dried cannabis.  “We are not looking to grow cannabis, but rather extract the oils from dried plants which will be supplied to the brewery from licensed producers.  The extracted oils can then be infused into beverages, when permitted.” said Bobby Crecouzos, Founder and CEO of Cool Brewery. Cool already brews an award winning hemp based beer called “Buzz” which does not contain CBD or THC.

Cool knows a thing or two about producing and packaging beverages. Cool has helped over 30 Ontario craft breweries get started by brewing their specialty craft beer for them, until they get their brewery built.  Cool has also brewed over 75 craft beers for breweries across Ontario. “We are now being approached by multiple companies involved with cannabis including laboratories, commercial growers, beverage trademark owners, and international breweries looking for a footprint in Canada.  Our doors are open to all conversations, we are good at what we do,” says Meens.

Cool has recently been in the news for selling their award winning Cool Blonde Lager for a Buck-a-Beer.  “This opportunity has been very successful for Cool,” says Meens. “It has allowed us to create more jobs in the brewery, created a high awareness and trial of Cool beers, and made beer more affordable for beer drinkers,” added Meens.


SOURCE Cool Beer Brewing Co.