Edmonton Dispensary Owner Returns to Court

President of the police raided MACROS dispensary in Edmonton, Aaron Bott reenters court Oct. 20 to continue his legal battle.

After over a decade in operation, the lone Edmonton dispensary was shut down by police in July and Bott, his brother Colin, mother Janice Cyre and stepfather Bob Cyre were charged with possession with the intent to traffic and production of a controlled substance.

Bott said that, during the court date tomorrow, his legal team plans to request an adjournment for a month while they retain council for the rest of those charged.

With the Canadian election results coming in the night before the court appearance, Bott was optimistic about the creation of a “free and fair market” for dispensaries, like his.

“I hope we have a change in government today and I hope that with this change they will recognize dispensaries as a viable business that helps medical patients access their chosen medicine,” Bott said.

Since the raid, Bott has set up a fundraiser to assist with legal bills.