Small Business Spotlight: Bong and Vape on 97th

Bong and Vape on 97th in Edmonton, Alberta is exactly what it says on the label: a beautiful blend of bongs and vapes for every smoker and toker. The sheer variety of gear is almost overwhelming. Papers and rigs fill the cannabis side, paired with devices, juices, accessories and more on the vape side. 

From management to sales, the team at Bong and Vape brings in-depth industry knowledge and is ready to answer any burning question. Locally owned and operated since opening in 2018, Bong and Vape on 97th is a smoker’s paradise.

Photo via @bongandvape97st

Small shop, huge selection

Gone are the days of walking into shady head shops nestled between pawn shops and shuttered businesses. Bong and Vape on 97th are living proof. Open and bright, this locally owned and operated shop has a wonderfully curated collection of glass by local talent. On staff during the day is a talkative gentleman who has a massive investment of time and energy into the products he sells. Over a conversation on vape juice, he explained how he doesn’t smoke nicotine but has tried the 0 percent nicotine versions of the flavours to accurately assist buyers.

Believe it or not, this is only a small selection of the juices stocked.

The wealth of rig styles, bubble caps, bongs, pipes and different smoke accessories at Vape and Bong on 97th could make any smoker feel a bit like a kid in a candy store. It very literally could be your one-stop-shop if you ever needed to replace or upgrade any bit of equipment you may have.

Check out @bongandvape97st on Instagram. You can keep up with the assortment of the latest and greatest products this local head shop haven has to offer. Who knows — you might find your next favourite rig!