Weed and Butt Zits aka Folliculitis

I have never had a problem with acne except on one place on my body, my butt cheeks. I am very grateful to have been blessed with nice skin and it has always been that way, even during puberty. However, no matter what I did or how I tried, I could never get my blemished butt (folliculitis) to clear up. I was mortified. I went to my doctor and we tried a number of different options but we couldn’t figure it out. 

Today, my booty is blemish (folliculitis) free. I will never forget the day that I found the solution and how much that information helped me; that’s why I’m writing this. This is the last body thing that I want to publicly announce about myself but I know that I am not alone.

A person can become self conscious about any personal detail, regardless of how ridiculous or insignificant it might seem to someone else. Clear skin does not define beauty, but it is not about how you look, it is about how you feel. No one should have to live life feeling embarrassed about a skin condition, especially when cannabis might just hold the key. 

Living with it…

It was a stupid, embarrassing and minor health problem but it was really messing with my life. I only had spots on the places a bathing suit covered but it was on my mind whenever I swam. In the bedroom, I avoided positions that gave a clear view of my booty unless it was dark. I would never tell my partner how I felt or why. I would just skip reverse cowgirl.

folliculitis treatment

I was so self-conscious, I tried a number of different treatments to get the situation under control. Over and over, I went to my doctor and tried creams, supplements and ultimately, pharmaceuticals. I bought all sorts of pricey face products and used them like my life depended on it. Let me tell you, applying cream in a public bathroom stall or trying to approach a spa for an ass facial does not inspire dignity. I became more hopeless as each new thing I tried, failed.

What are we actually dealing with?

One day, I was oversharing to a girlfriend of mine and I decided to show her the situation. Lucky for me, she had seen something like it before. She told me that I didn’t have acne, but rather that I had a rash called folliculitis. Looking into that changed everything.  


Our bodies are covered in hair. Sometimes, bacteria or fungus can enter a hair follicle and cause an infection. Left untreated, it can spread, resulting in a rash of red bumps…sometimes filled with pus. People can get folliculitis anywhere but its really common for people to have it on their butt. The bottom line was that it wasn’t regular acne and it would never go away until I dealt with it in the right way. Thankfully, figuring that out was the beginning of the end.

Treatment for Folliculitis

Annoying and uncomfortable but not life-threatening, treating folliculitis takes trial, error and a lot of patience. A doctor can recommend everything from wearing loose clothing to antifungal steroid creams and for some people, that might be all it takes. However, some cases are more stubborn. The most effective treatment option depends on the type of folliculitis you have and what it is caused by; some are more invasive than others. If creams or prescriptions don’t work, laser hair removal and UV light therapy are available options. However, these can be expensive, invasive and carry their own risks of complications.   

Topical Cannabis

Cannabis is safe and effective. Using it topically makes sense.

  • A lot of creams and treatments for skin disorders need to be applied to the affected area only because they aren’t safe for the surrounding tissue. 
  • Precision has a price – If the affected area is your ass, you need to either crank your neck or boldly ask someone for help.

Thankfully, cannabis topicals can be safely rubbed all over your skin without worrying about where you are lathering it. You can relax and be confident as you rub it on your booty without even turning around.


In a study conducted in 2008, five of the most commonly found cannabinoids (THC, CBD, CBG, CBC and CBD) were tested against multidrug resistant strains of bacteria. The scientists concluded that all compounds showed potent antibacterial and antimicrobial activity. Therefore, a cannabis topical on a bacterial or fungal skin infection could quite likely treat the most stubborn of cases, once and for all. 

A clear start

I had heard stories about people curing skin cancer using concentrated cannabis oil and thought, if it can do that, it can probably deal with my butt zits. I started with a salve that targeted skin conditions and right away, I noticed a pretty significant difference. To deal with the more persistent spots, put 1:1 CBD/THC oil directly on the mark and covered it with a bandaid. I only needed to reapply the oil a few times and within a week, I had clear skin.


They say that beauty is only skin deep but it doesn’t take much for someone to feel self conscious. I had head to toe clear skin my whole life; except on my bum. I tried everything that a doctor could legally prescribe and with each failure, my self esteem sunk lower. Thankfully, a friend of mine gave me the answer and led me to a safe solution, cannabis. Now, I am living my best life. I am in no rush to buy a thong bikini but it is nice to feel like I can with confidence. 


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Publication Date:August 6, 2008


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