new year
If you are ringing in the New Year using only cannabis, be aware, avoid these stoner dangers and you can surely party on with confidence!

Happy toking, Happy New Year!

I don’t drink alcohol unless it’s a rare occasion; I prefer cannabis. It’s more and more common these days to see people putting down the drinks to favor lighting up or munching down.

Making this choice can take some navigating and New Years Eve has its own set of challenges. If you are ringing in the New Year with Mother Nature, be aware, avoid these stoner dangers and party on with confidence!

Danger #1 – staying up till midnight and beyond

If you are going to make it tonight you cannot over saturate your system and burn out before you even get out of your house. I will not be one of the people doing this as I will likely smoke indica strains early and be in bed by 9:30pm. However if I had to stay up on New Year’s Eve, I would follow this dosing plan like instructions I needed to live.

Before 6pm  

  • No edibles
  • If you mainly dab – sativa dabs only, no flower
  • If you mainly smoke flower, sativa flower only, no dabs


  • Eat your first plant based edible like a cannabutter cookie (you need it to take some time to digest)
  • You may now begin smoking any sativa dominant hybrid strains but stick to your preferred method of inhalation


  • Begin mixing up your preferred method of inhalation, sticking to sativa strains. Giving your system a different plant profile will likely create a more noticible social anxiety sucks ensuring you are satisfied in ripping in a new 365.


  • Eat any concentrate based edibles that you have – favor candies and gummies that digest quickly and easily

    Indica will put you “in da couch” and that couch is looking pretty comfortable right about now. Wait just a little bit longer…


  • Time for a good, heavy indica to take this night to another level
  • For the rest of the night, your motto is now, “smoke em if you got em”.

Stoner Danger #2 –  Social Anxiety

This is a tough one because you should be smoking mainly sativa today and sometimes that makes it worse. Or, you smoke something that gets you so stoned and paranoid, you start to think that you are acting awkwardly. It’s a vicious, downward spiral. The only thing you can do is trust that everyone around you will either be going to be too stoned to care or worried about the same thing. Just chill out and fire up another.

Stoner Danger #3 – the kiss at midnight

Between the lack of alcohol to lubricate the situation and danger #2, the midnight kiss on New Year’s eve can be extremely uncomfortable without a plan. Think ahead and when in doubt, be confident and commit when using one of these alternate options:

  • A pet – give your first kiss to a lovable furry friend and rejoice in the whole some joy

Note – don’t be one of those people that kisses a dog on the mouth because it’s gnarly and gross, even on New Year’s Eve.

  • A friend – Have you ever known a couple with an anniversary on New Year’s Eve? This obviously depends on who your buddy is but this is a great opportunity if you use it well!
  • A photo – You know that folded up photo from the time you and your ex met Jason Momoa? The one that has been in your wallet for 2 years? Tonight it is socially acceptable to kiss that picture.

Stoner Danger #4 – The kiss at midnight…still

You have been smoking weed all night and will probably overlook this. As you should be pretty baked by now, you might not realize that your breath is likely more foul than the winds wafting through Dante’s seven circles of hell. Get gum ahead of time and pucker up.

Whether you are staying in or going out, all the staff here at The Cannabis Life Network would like to wish you a safe and very Happy New Years! Best wishes to you and your family and good luck in 2019!