ICBC (Int’l Cannabis Business Conference) returns to Vancouver June 24-25

ICBC is returning to Vancouver!

For all of the BC motorists who immediately felt a sense of anger or frustration wash over them at seeing that acronym, relax- it’s not our much-hated insurance company, it stands for International Cannabis Business Conference– and it’s happening this Sunday and Monday, June 24-25, at the Sheraton Wall Centre in the heart of downtown Vancouver.

The ICBC is billed as the world’s premier cannabis event, and with Canada on the verge of legalization (the official date has been set for Oct. 17, 2018) the timing and location couldn’t have been better since BC is the home to some of the best cannabis in the entire world, known as BC Bud (but you already knew that).

The keynote speaker is Henry Rollins, the punk rocker and frontman of Black Flag and the Rollins Band. He’s also a writer and radio show host, and although he’s famously “straight edge” and doesn’t smoke or even drink, he’s been an advocate for cannabis for decades as he’s seen the failure of the War on Drugs firsthand. Fundamentally, he advocates for cannabis as a civil rights issue because authorities have often used the War on Drugs as justification to imprison minorities and their political enemies.

You won’t want to miss him speak, so make sure you get there early on Monday, June 25, as his speech kicks off at 9:00 sharp.

Other speakers you won’t want to miss include MMJ Canada CEO Clint Younge, cannabis lawyer Kirk Tousaw, and Dr. Allen Greenspoon.

Even better, you can save $200 if you buy your tickets here, which go up 11:59 pm on June 23. Don’t delay, you could buy a lot of cannabis with that money! You can also call 541.864.0090 or buy tickets in person at the Licorice Parlour.

Our writer Julia checked out last year’s ICBC in San Francisco, and you can read all about her road trip and experience here.