Expert Joints LIVE on CLN – Season 3 Finale – It’s Party Time

This week Craig’s having a party with a bunch of his best buds celebrating the Season 3 finale!

As season 3 comes to a close, we talked with Craig Ex, the host of Expert Joints LIVE! about his recent surgery, the big plans in store for the Season 3 finale, and what he’s cooking up for us for Season 4.

Cannabis Life Network: Season 3 of Expert Joints LIVE! is coming to an end pretty soon, isn’t it?

Yes. June 21 is the Season 3 finale we’re wrapping up a little bit early this year. We’re going to try and take a little bit of summer to enjoy as well as get ready for season 4 and continue the development of Studio 710.

Do you have anything special planned for the Season 3 finale on June 21?

We’re going to do a little party up at Studio 710.

Outside on the rooftop we’ll probably do a barbecue and we’ve invited 40-50 of the previous show guests, some friends, and industry insiders, and rather than just be posted up in the couch in the studio where we usually shoot, we’re going to do a show from all over the studio from one room to the next and we’ll be interviewing people along the way.

We’re also planning on having some musical performances too. It should be fun!

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