karma cup
Craig Ex and Sarah Sunday host Karma Cup 2019

The sixth annual Karma Cup went down Sept. 7-8 in downtown Toronto, and it was one for the ages! 

Our friend Craig Ex aka The Expert of Expert Joints was there to bask in all of the good karma and even better cannabis, and he had the pleasure of handing out the famous Karma Cup trophies to 36 much-deserved winners!

But before the closing award ceremony, Craig Ex made sure to explore everything that the 2019 Karma Cup had to offer, which was “some of the finest [cannabis] vendors in Canada doing their damn thing!” as he so succinctly put it.

Craig first stops by the booth of the good people at ineedweed.ca. The name is self-explanatory. If you’re thinking to yourself “I need weed”, then you know where to go!

Next, Craig bumps into his friend Scotty aka the Phat Pharmer, who was looking to improve his trophy tally from last year when he won 5 trophies for 6 entries. The good news is that he did, racking up an impressive 6 trophies for 6 entries!

Craig then teams up with his friend Amy Anonymous to check out the latest from the folks at Fukushima Pre-Roll Factory and Craig mentioned how he wouldn’t be surprised at all if he ends up handing them a trophy. 

Amy called the Karma Cup “phenomenal” and said “it shows how popular craft cannabis is to the general public.” She particularly “loved seeing the open market and how people of all walks of life were enjoying themselves while consuming cannabis. ”

Cartoon illustrator Rodger James was out and about rocking the Karma Cup shirt that he designed and he was nice enough to create this awesome cartoon of Craig below.

karma cup
Artist Rodger James cartoons Craig Ex of Expert Joints on Cannabis Life Network

Not only is the Karma Cup packed with a who’s who of cannabis, they’ve got artists and musicians like Michie Mee, who took a break from rocking the stage to chat with Craig about her new album and how important it is to support the local community, and Spliffs Mackenzie aka the Rap Game’s Daria Morgendorffer.

Next, you get a peek at the Karma Cup kick-off party with the judges, vendors and sponsors at Planet Paradise and you can tell from the crowd that it was lit, and we’re talking more than just the joints!

The party continued the following night as Craig hosted another one for industry insiders and other VIP’s at Vapor Central, Toronto’s original vapor lounge, featuring tons of dabs and cannabis celebrities like Urban REMO.  

Karma Cup Day 2

The epicness of the Karma Cup continued on Day 2 with glass-blowing extraordinaire Mastah Glass showing off his legendary bong simply known as the “6 Footer” that lives up to its name and then some!

After talking to Dabberman, the Karma Cup’s official rosin squisher, Craig sees John aka Weedstagram416 smoking an amazing Astropink Alien blunt containing 150 grams of top-shelf cannabis that needs to be seen to be believed.

Erin Goodwin and Jodie Emery tell Craig (and us!) how the Karma Cup represents the true cannabis culture and one thing those corporate cannabis events and expos could stand to learn is how to truly embrace the plant! For one, they could actually have cannabis on display like they do at the Karma Cup, which you’d think is a no-brainer but sadly, (thanks in part to Canada’s overbearing cannabis laws) it’s not.

After giving out the trophies, Craig talked to Karma Cup organizer Sarah Sunday, who said:

“It was a really good year with a really good turnout. I’ve heard lots of positivity. They liked the new venue and we’re still downtown still making it happen!”

The countdown to Karma Cup 2020 begins.

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