Medical Cannabis in Canada Community Celebrates

As with any movement, the drive to end the prohibition of medical cannabis in Canada relies on volunteerism. Without the unfettered and incomparable support and generosity of our community, we would be exponentially further away from the right to cultivate and consume our medicine. Ours is second to none, and on Sunday in Vancouver the Cannabis Rights Coalition hosted a CRC Volunteer Appreciation BBQ at Budzilla.

And wouldn’t you know it, the volunteers just couldn’t help themselves. They raised some more money to support the cause.

Over a thousand dollars was contributed to our fight to get our plant back from the government. The volunteers donated around $500, and the amazing folks at Budzilla generously matched that with over $500 of their own. A day that was meant to thank the volunteers, and they still put the movement ahead of themselves. There are no words…

Thanks to everyone who came out, and everyone who contributed, as well as the Budzilla crew.

Onward we grow.