Medical Patients Files Human Rights Complaint Against City Of Toronto Raids

A Scarborough man suffering from an inoperable spine tumour has filed a $1 million human rights complaint against the City of Toronto, after the police raids across the city left him unable to access the cannabis oils he uses to treat his condition.

Raymond Hathaway told VICE that he considers the raids as harassment and a direct attack on his personal security and that attempting to find a new source of cannabis oil has left him with less money, less medication and more pain.

“As a person with a diagnosed inoperable tumour I am now wasting an inordinate amount of my limited time sourcing and trying to find medication I was using a very specific topical treatment and a very effective oral treatment that is now gone,” Hathaway wrote in a letter to the city.

The medical cannabis user said he’s still waiting to hear back from the city and is encouraging others impacted by the raids to file complaints.