New Amsterdam Naturals happy with the historic vote and victory for the Cannabis industry.

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 15, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Just last week prop 64 was passed in California allowing Cannabis usage recreational.  The reform in the US brought the voters together and the margin of victory was more successful that the presidential race. During a time where the nation needs healing, unity and dialog. New Amsterdam Naturals cannot think of a better way than Cannabis bring everyone together. This victory is a powerful message that Marijuana is finally transforming global perceptions of the drug.

New Amsterdam Naturals is the premiere Cannabis store in California, having won multiple awards including the Cannabis cup, the ultimate seal of excellence in the Cannabis industry.  The carry the best, most exclusive Cannabis in the world as well as offering a wide variety of the highest quality and exotic strains. New Amsterdam Naturals is dedicated to healing the pain caused by the stigma surrounding medical Cannabis. They do so by providing members safe and affordable access to quality medicines as well, as outstanding members of the community. New Amsterdam Naturals only release a limited quantity to members of their collective.  They pride them selves in the best quality strains, grown locally with the highest quality nutrients.

New Amsterdam Naturals was founded by Cannabis veterans, where one of the founders was studying to become a medical doctor with a focus on oncology, and where he saw the hardships patients with cancer had in their daily lives to get medical Marijuana. The New Amsterdam Naturals founders then dove onto the Cannabis scene in 2006, where they now carry some of the most influential and powerful quality strains in California.

Through the founders’ unique way to select the best quality products, New Amsterdam Naturals has gained a reputation as the premier medical Cannabis shop in Los Angeles. New Amsterdam Naturals carry the top Cannabis brands in the industry including the best selling CANNASTAR, which has won over 15 High Times Cannabis cups.

Their reputation of quality products, fair pricing and excellent customer service together with their long standing community outreach, is growing their reputation everyday as California’s premier medical Cannabis dispensaries.

New Amsterdam Naturals has gone beyond the Cannabis industry to capture some of the most vital community charitable work such as community building, free classes as well as a community event series they will launch in 2017. The New Amsterdam Naturals founders are two of the most vital counter culture figures of the medical Cannabis culture today. New Amsterdam Naturals are happy with the passage of prop 64 for patients and industry as a whole. New Amsterdam Naturals is a legal medical Cannabis collective based in Los Angeles. A Prop D & Pre-ICO Established in 2006.


SOURCE New Amsterdam Naturals