New Cannabis Dispensary Set to Open In West Ottawa

Despite the fact that many dispensaries have been raided and shut down in the last few months, many more continue to open across the country. And there is a new medical cannabis dispensary that is set to open this week in West Ottawa, called the Ottawa Cannabis Dispensary. Ontario currently has the highest number of cannabis dispensary shops over any other province in the country. The building is set to be bright green and it is going to be located near McBride St. and Maitland Avenue.

In spite of Trudeau campaigning on the ticket of legalization, cannabis still remains illegal for many in the country who don’t have their cannabis medical license. But for those who are properly designated with the right license, it is legal for them to sell medical cannabis, consume, and possess it. The cannabis that Canadians receive needs to come from a grower that has already been recognized by Health Canada and those who order cannabis then have their delivered to them in the mail.

Canadians are ready to see legalization fully unfold and they’ve asked Trudeau and his liberal party to consider both immediate decriminalization and pardons for those who are currently behind bars for possession or who have a criminal record over it. Despite the pressure from the public to see some immediate change however, the Liberals aren’t rushing to fulfill their promise. They’ve said that Canadians can expect to wait until next year before they can see the Liberals’ version of legalization to be fully unveiled.