New Music Friday: Bryce Vine, Odezenne, La Femme

New music suggestions right in time for the weekend.

This week on new music Friday we’re giving you something new and different. Breaking barriers, those being the language barriers diving into French hip hop and alt-rock scenes, but don’t worry we’ve got some new music suggestions & picks for stellar English music as well.

Problems – Bryce Vine (EP)

A Stellar EP, great vibes, amazing lyrics, acoustic guitars, and a velvet voice, the Problems EP, is everything we could have wanted from Bryce Vine. He has created some of his best work on this project hitting you right in the feels. And should give Bryce Vine’s album Problem a try, we bet you gonna love it.

O.V.N.I – Odezenne (Album)

Some of the most interesting music I’ve ever heard. Even if you can’t understand the words this album is an incredible inspiration for musical artists and music fans alike. It takes such a unique approach to its selecting and use of samples, it feels almost like Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the moon but reimagined for hip hop. If you are a fan of this type of genre do listen to Odezenne album O.V.N.I.

Mystere – La Femme (Album)

Think Pink Floyd meets Arctic monkeys but spoken in beautiful french. This album is over an hour-long and rolls up and down feeling very atmospheric and ambient throughout. Amazing background music to put on during a quiet night while smoking and drinking a little bit.

Please share your thoughts on our picks for this week and let us know what we should be listening to in the comments below.