No New Details on Legalization in Liberal Budget

The Liberals have released their first budget, entitled Growing the Middle Class, but have included scant information on the government’s plan to legalize and regulate cannabis.

Marijuana is included in the heading “Taking Action Against Guns and Gangs,” after a paragraph about law enforcement efforts on weapon control.

“As the Government consults Canadians on the framework for the legalization of marijuana, it will work to ensure that any new regime must protect young Canadians by keeping marijuana out of the hands of children and youth,” the budget states.

The only mention of legalization comes under the chapter “An Inclusive and Fair Canada.”

“The investments proposed in Budget 2016 support strong social policies that create opportunity, build communities, support those who have worked hard for our country, promote health and well-being, ensure a fair and accessible justice system, celebrate our heritage and national institutions, and foster social cohesion,” the document reads.