Amsterdam 2018 High Times Cannabis Cup
High Times Cannabis Cup 2018

Out and About in Amsterdam for the High Times Cannabis Cup with Craig Ex

CLN and Craig Ex aka The Expert of Expert Joints were “Out and About” in Amsterdam for the High Times Cannabis Cup back in July and we caught all the crazy, hazy good times here.

It was a definite adventure where the days were as packed as the joints as Craig said “Hi” to new and familiar faces while exploring everything that Amsterdam had to offer- from its world-famous coffeeshops to its cannabis culture and everything in between- including a bunch of the musical headliners.

After a brutally long 18-hour flight from Vancouver to Amsterdam, one of the first people that Craig ran into was the BC Bud Depot which only proves that with the cannabis community, wherever you may be in the world, you’re never that far from home.

Craig then chats with Tiffany from Bare Coconut where he finds out, much to his surprise, that Bare Coconut is not competing in the Cannabis Cup- that’s because there isn’t a “Topicals” category and while you may find CBD topicals and creams at the headshops, the coffeshops can’t carry any creams with THC in it!

Next up was Uncle Stoner from Smokers Guide. He’s a 20 year veteran of the cannabis industry who started off as a grower before going into the educational side who’s focused on spreading the word about cannabis as medicine.

If you remember the early 2000’s, you definitely remember Afroman for his inescapable hit “Because I Got High”. He was one of the headliners at the Amsterdam High Times Cannabis Cup and Craig Ex bumped into him as he was sipping out of a giant pimp cup and they talked about his performance on Friday.

Next, Craig checks out the Green House coffee shop where he runs into none other than rapper Waka Flocka Flame, who was one of the headliners, and they reminisce about reading the High Times magazine when they were kids and Waka tells Craig about the new music he’s working on that’s dropping Oct. 5. He also talks to JOA from Green House and JOA tells Craig about how business boomed after they won the High Times Cannabis Cup back in ‘92.

After talking to Berner, Craig randomly bumps into Al the Alchemist and Sublimator inventor Enrico Bouchard, and they take Craig around Amsterdam. From waffles in the train station to “7-11 Street”, they tour around and check out the sights- although no filming is allowed in the Red Light District.

Last but not least, Craig sparks a joint with Danny Danko, the senior cultivation editor at High Times, and they talk about how far the High Times Cannabis Cup has come since it started in 1988.