Over $50,000 raised for California wildfire relief by Cannabis organizations

Photo courtesy of NBC

Last week on Monday, Nov. 6, two cannabis organizations raised $52,415 for the victims of California’s wildfires.

The October wildfires were devastating, affecting Napa, Mendocino, Sonoma, and Lake counties. As you may know, Mendocino is one third of the famous “Emerald Triangle”- the largest cannabis-producing region in the U.S.- which makes this year’s upcoming Emerald Cup in Sonoma County more important to the cannabis community than ever.

Many producers lost their homes in addition to their uninsured crops, and that’s why the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) and its state affiliate, the California Cannabis Industry Association (CCIA), hosted the event, which attracted over 200 cannabis professionals and almost 30 corporate sponsors- all in the name of raising money for Redwood Credit Union’s Fire Relief Fund.

The fundraiser was held in Santa Rosa in Sonoma County, which happens to be the hometown of Subcool, the legendary seed breeder from TGA Genetics, who was among those who lost everything in the fires. To learn more about his narrow escape, check out CLN’s cover story here.

It was a time for solidarity, community, and reconnecting as many attendees were seeing each other for the first time since the fires

As NCIA’s executive director said in a press release, ““We are proud to be able to support the victims of the fires as they rebuild their homes and businesses in Sonoma County and the surrounding region.”



Nasdaq Globe Newswire: Cannabis Groups Raise over $50,000 for California’s Fire Relief Efforts This Week.