Peterborough Cannabis Culture Raided by police after less than a week in business

Two days after Peterborough Police posted a statement on their website that they were investigating the newly opened Cannabis Culture dispensary location, the shop have been raided.

Dispensary owner Richard Standen and one of his staff members have reportedly been arrested.

Earlier today the dispensary posted to their Facebook to alert customers that the raid was occurring.

Police raid in progress @ #CannabisCulture #Peterborough. Please call the Peterborough Police 705-876-1122 and politely tell them you support CC and to leave harmless people alone!”

The post was followed by a video of police, inside the store.

In response to the raids, Jodie Emery condemned the action from police and called for arrests to stop against harmless people.

Police statements said authorities had hand-delivered a letter to the dispensary’s owner on Tuesday that stated the business was violating the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act.

“Under current marijuana laws, the role of our Police Service remains enforcement of the current law,” police wrote. “Until marijuana laws change, and strict regulations and restrictions are put in effect, local police authorities will continue to address illegal marijuana possession and sales.”

Standen had been selling cannabis for medical or recreational use to those over 19 years old.

“We’re not criminals – we’re trying to help everyone,” he said. “I’m hoping police realize what we’re doing here is a community-based project, really.”

Peterborough police deputy Chief Tim Farquharson was quoted as saying that dispensary customers may also face charges.

Cannabis Culture founder Marc Emery wrote that he will be speaking at a demonstration outside of the Peterborough Police Station this Saturday to protest the raid and arrests.