Why we are standing up against LIFT

The Vancouver LIFT Expo is being protested by cannabis activists, patients and dispensaries due to Cannabis Canada Association, and the large licensed cannabis producers that are attending and participating, for their past and recent lobbying to have dispensaries closed.

We also stand for patients against the clinics and resources centers, including the LIFT resource centers that charge high prices to fill out patient forms and documentation, and act as a expensive middle man for the patient to the large producers

In the absence of effective industry self-regulation by CCA, many licensed producers are currently engaging in a practice of paying kick-backs whereby physicians are either directly or indirectly compensated for issuing medical documents and/or referring patients.

The practice of providing physicians with financial incentives for these activities not only represents a violation of the professional standards by which physicians must abide, but also brings the entire Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR) regime and its patients into disrepute. The practice of accepting kickbacks is expressly prohibited by provincial Colleges of Physicians.

The Cannabis Canada Association continually states that our cannabis is unsafe, untested, and full of mould even after the Allard trial found otherwise.

On the contrary, many patients across the country have complained about the price, quality, and lack of strain choices from the licensed producers.

Five of the large producers in the CCA will be present, Aurora, Broken Coast, Emblem, MedReleaf, and Organigram as well as representatives from Cannabis Canada Association itself, a group that represent 17 large producers and many clinics and resource centres.

Join us if you stand for patients, dispensaries, our cannabis and our cannabis community, equality and to be included.

If you are attending LIFT please feel free to go by these booths and ask them why they are lobbying to close our dispensaries, a model that has worked for patients for 20 years.

Ask them why their cannabis is not on display for those patients in attendance to see what they would be signing up for, or ask why you can’t have a preroll.

Ask them why they keep saying our cannabis is unsafe and mouldy.

And, if you see us outside, know why we are there and please say “hi” and show your support.

Please join us for a “peaceful assembly” and information awareness day, Sept. 17 at the Vancouver Convention Centre (1055 Canada Pl) at 9am.

Stand up for patients, stand up for cannabis, stand up for our dispensaries.

Everyone is welcome.