Places in the World Where You Can Vape Guilt-Free

place to vape

One of the greatest social achievements in the last decade is the global change on marijuana policies. Many countries went from having pointless, draconian, abusive laws around cannabis, to have it available for patients that need it. Much of the global policy around cannabis reflected the United States sweeping drug act. Nowadays, that’s changing. Even the means of consuming cannabis has changed. The most popular new means, by far, is vaping. There are many places where you can vape guilt-free.

Vaping cannabis is essentially introducing a heating element to an extract or the THC crystals themselves. There’s no granite material being burned, so there’s no tar or soot. If you’re an aficionado looking for a place to vape in peace, here are some spots around the world where you can do so.

Quebec, Canada – A Place to Vape

Since 2018, Canada made it legal for residents to purchase recreational marijuana. Canadian cannabis laws have been the darling jewel for forward-thinking enthusiasts. This means you can go out, buy an eighth, go home, pack it in your Mighty vaporizer, and enjoy the rest of the afternoon in peace. Technically, you’re not allowed to use it outright in public. That is true of most places. It’s not advisable to do so. But if that somehow slips your mind, authorities are not actively looking to bust you. They’re just looking for rowdy disturbances. Keep it calm, and you’ll be alright. 

Vaping in Los Angeles, CA, USA

Everything that L.A. does has a bit of Hollywood sheen to it. It doesn’t matter if it’s a coffee shop, a chic pizza parlour in a gentrified industrial area, or a dispensary, it always feels like there’s a photoshoot going on. Recreational marijuana is available to anyone over the age of 21. You can get a vape pen and enjoy the art scene at Venice Beach, or watch the skaters work out new tricks. You can head over to the Comedy Store and be amazed that all of your favourite world-famous comedians are just right in front of you, enjoying the evening on the patio. Vaping in L.A. is a good time. It’s definitely an experience one should have. 

Catalonia, Spain

Spain has a special place in everyone’s heart that visits. There’s a pace to life there that’s decidedly more relaxed, pleasurable, and beautiful than nearly any other place on earth. A few years back. The famous marijuana clubs of Catalonia became fully legalized. These hip, often ornate spots have become synonymous with youth, art, and a great time. If you happen to have your vape on you (assuming you’re of age to own one), you can go to any of these shops and order. Nobody will bother you. In fact, you’ll probably have a wonderful time speaking to the locals. Brush up on your Spanish. It’s well worth it.

There are definitely more places to vape that should be on this list. Honourable mentions go out to Cambodia and their “Happy meals”, The Czech Republic, and of course, the Netherlands. All of these places either sell it outright or wouldn’t bother you either way. Hope this guide helps. Happy vaping.