Recall of Organigram cannabis products expanded

Hundreds of grams of cannabis grown by a licensed producer are being voluntarily recalled after traces of a banned pesticide were detected, the Globe & Mail reported today.

Last week, Organigram, a New Brunswick-based publicly traded grower, expanded a Dec. 28 recall of a small amount of product to include almost all of its entire cannabis buds and oils products from 2016.

Yesterday, Aurora Cannabis Enterprises Inc. announced it has also recalled products it purchased from Organigram and sold to customers through a mail-order system overseen by Health Canada from August to October of last year.

Health Canada listed both recalls online and confirmed that both cases involved traces of chemicals bifenazate and myclobutanil, which are prohibited for use on legal cannabis in Canada. Myclobutanil, a chemical that emits poisonous hydrogen cyanide (also known as prussic acid) when heated, is also prohibited for use on legal cannabis in Colorado, Washington and Oregon.

The news comes two months after yet another LP, Mettrum, announced a voluntary recall of their product after a review by Health Canada found it contained pyrethrin, which is used as an insecticide on crops but is not approved for use on medical cannabis. Mettrum said the chemical was used by mistake because it was not listed on the ingredients of a foliar spray the LP purchased from a third party.

Read the full story by Mike Hager at the Globe & Mail.