Meet-up for California weed & wine experts announced

California wine experts will be paired with their cannabis counterparts at an upcoming summit meeting to explore opportunities for collaboration as the state rolls out its new adult-use cannabis market.

The Wine & Weed Symposium will take place Aug. 3 in Santa Rosa and feature industry experts who will discuss regulations, licensing requirements, hospitality, tourism, farming and other topics.

The event hosted by the Wine Industry Network comes amid discussion about how the two heavily regulated, farm-based industries will affect one another in a state with lots of tourists and limited water resources.

We touched the surface of this subject at the WIN Expo last December and were overwhelmed with the outpouring of interest that the session received,” said Wine Industry Network president George Christie. “The take-aways were that people want and need more information about how things are changing and one hour just wasn’t enough time. We’re hoping to address those concerns with this day-long conference.”

The symposium’s topics will include growing marijuana in vineyards, the cannabis- and wine-based hospitality industry and cannabis-infused wine.

People have been questioning the impact that this is going to have on the wine industry for a long time,” Christie stated. “This is an opportunity to learn from the experts, the cost of entry and what is and is not allowed. We plan to provide a better understanding of the inevitable competition for consumer attention and how best to prepare for what’s coming and what new opportunities might exist.”

The symposium will also feature space for exhibitors showcasing products and services specifically relevant to wineries and grape growers who are interested in expanding into this cannabis market. For more information about attending, speaking or exhibiting, please visit or email .