Sixth Annual Prairie Medicinal Harvest Cup

Put on by activist Jeff Lundstrom of Skunk Funk Smokers Emporium, sponsored by Crop King Seeds, and held yearly in Saskatoon, the Prairie Medicinal Harvest Cup has set a standard of what a cannabis cup is to our cannabis community.

A yearly gathering brings together medicinal patients, activists, growers, extract makers, edible makers, glass blowers, vendors, product and seed companies, cannabis smokers, vapers, dabbers, and a whole bunch of serious cannabis connoisseurs, to spend three days together judging some of Canada’s finest cannabis.Freddie Pritchard Prairie Medicinal Harvest Cup

I have had the honour now to attend this cup the last three years in a row and it has continually grown larger.

Upon arriving, judges are handed the coveted bag of swag, which includes all of the flower and extract entries, this year saw 27 entries — six in the indica category, five in sativa, six in hybrid and nine concentrate entries.

This years entries, as the previous years I attended, were all on point, clean burning and of high quality. A fine example and array of what our cannabis community produces now.
The 27 entries are sampled by judges over the three days, grading the cannabis on visual appeal, aroma, taste, smoke-ability, medicinal effects, and overall satisfaction.

All of the entries and pictures, strain names, and the list of winners can be found here on my Facebook page by following this link.

The host for the weekend was Matt Mernaugh, and Pot TV covered the whole weekend event, live.

Everyone was at this event, the vendors set up their booths, the glass blowers set up their glass blowing stations, and the judges attacked the cannabis in the recently acquired bags of swag.

The venue, O’Brians Event Centre was completely cannabis friendly, as for three days straight it was entirely hot boxed out with vapour and dabs. Combustibles were consumed just out the back door, under a nice private tent which stayed equally, if not more, hot boxed out the entire weekend.

A highlight again this year was the second Cannabis Olympics which sees friendly competition in “Synchronized Dabbing,” “Fastest Joint Roller,” “The Great Weigh Off” with this year brining a new event — “The Iron Lung.” It’s clear to see all those that participated and spectated had a great time by all the smiles on their faces.

Another highlight and regular appearance at the cup was the 30 foot volcano vape bag. Impressive to say the least, and so cool to see how many get to line up to hit it, I noticed this year, a few lined-up for seconds.

Sadly, on Friday morning, we all heard sad news, after her long battle with cancer, one of our beloved, cannabis activist Gayle Quin (Medicine Woman) had passed on.

The whole cannabis community was saddened.

Her eulogy can be found here, and is far better told by the person who knew her best, her life long partner and well known cannabis activist, Ted Smith.Prairie Medicinal Harvest Cup

Red Beard Glass and James Gibson held a auction each of the three days, supporting sponsors lined up products to auction — with all money raised to help Ted and their family. With raffle ticket sales included, the total raised was over $4,500.00. All those involved and that participated should be commended.

Next year has already been announced, and the dates are set, Sep. 22–24, 2017, in Saskatoon.

Each year this event is well organized, with quality cannabis and fire concentrates, and put on by an awesome team of dedicated cannabis connoisseurs.

Around the flowers and dab, and mingling with growers, concentrate makers, activists and all those involved the Prairie Medicinal Harvest Cup provides a wealth of cannabis information and true plant freedom.

For it is indeed us and always has been —we are the leaders of The Canadian Cannabis Industry.